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What type of property are you buying?

Please let us know what type of property you are planning on buying


How will you be using this property?

Please let us know if you plan on living in it, renting it or if it is a second home


Is this your first time buying a property?

If you have not owned property in the last 3 years, the answer is YES


Where you at in the property buying process?

We are here to make this process easy, smooth and simple

Your are just getting started and looking at your options!


Are you currently working with an Agent?

Please let us know if you are already working with a Real Estate Agent


What is your price range?

Slide the bar below to the price range you are trying to keep within


How much are you putting down?

We gave a lot of loan options, please select the percent you plan on putting down


What is your credit score?

Please estimate your credit rating, we will pull credit later on to get an actual score


Total Gross Annual Household Income?

This is the income for everyone that will on the loan


Would you like a fixed or adjustable interest rate?

If you don't plan on living in the house for 7 years, consider an adjustable rate mortgage


What is your current employment status?

We will count child support, alamony and any other income later


Any Bankruptcy's, Forclosures or Short Sales last 3 years?

Please let us know if you have had any of these in the last 3 years


For the income you claimed, can you document it?

Can you show proof of the income you claimed with paystubs, bank statements or W2's?


Have you served in the Military?

You may qualify for a VA loan


What are your current montly debts?

Include auto, credit card, student loan, other mortgage payments. Items on your credit only!


You indicated you have a Real Estate Agent

What is your real estate agents name and their phone number?



We have just 2 more questions left after this one


What is your email address?

We have just 1 more question left after this one and I bet you know what it is


What is your phone number?

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